If you're not hitting up an end-of-summer party this Labor Day, it might be tempting to knock out some errands (or maybe not, who knows).

But before you leave the house to get a jump start on the shorter week or in search of something to do, double check which stores and more will be closed on Sept. 2. 

Most large retail chains will operate at normal hours, but it doesn't hurt to call and double check. 

Banks: Closed

Beaches: Open. Grab the cooler and lounge in the sand as you say "goodbye" to summer. 

Costco: Closed. Your last-minute bulk school year shopping will have to wait. 

Government buildings: Closed

Home Depot: Open

Liquor stores: Closed 

National parks: Open

Post office: Closed. You also shouldn't expect any packages that day, as shipping services like FedEx and UPS are also closed. 

Target: Open 

Walmart: Open

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