James Holzhauer's winning streak ended Monday, just shy of Jeopardy! king Ken Jennings' total winnings record. 

Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, was defeated by Emma Boettcher, a librarian from Chicago on Monday night's episode. Holzhauer's winnings from his 32-day streak totaled $2,462,216, just $58,484 shy of Jennings' winnings.

Could you have defeated Holzhauer? Here are 10 questions that Holzhauer didn't answer in his final game.

"Doesn't sound comfy, but several birds make nests in the giant saguaro cactus, including the Gila variety of this headbanger"

Category: Nests

Correct answer: Woodpecker

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

"I can't bake or mash a potato, so this alliterative Ore-Ida spud product that dates back to 1953 is a godsend to me"

Category: I am not a cook

Correct answer: Tater tots

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

"'The American people don't believe anything's real until they see it' here"

Category: Nixon said it

Correct answer: Television

Answered correctly by: Jay Sexton

"Paternalism is restricting freedom in our (supposed) best interests, like state taxes on these, which began in Iowa in 1921"

Category: Political philosophy

Correct answer: Cigarettes

Answered correctly by: Nobody

"Wyatt & Morgan Earp showed up on this HBO series & Wyatt told Seth Bullock of his lawman days in Dodge City"

Category: Somewhat historical TV

Correct answer: Deadwood

Answered correctly by: Jay Sexton

"Some scientists think more than 95% of the universe is made up of what's called this 'energy' & this 'matter'"

Category: Science

Correct answer: Dark

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

"In 'Charlotte's Web', Templeton is this creature"

Category: Literature

Correct answer: A rat

Answered correctly by: Jay Sexton

"'Ain't Too Proud': This Motown group"

Category: Jukebox musicals

Correct answer: The Temptations

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

"It describes a management style where everything flows from the boss, or perhaps a ride in a convertible"

Category: Playing A 3-4 (Alex: Each correct response will be two words. The first word will have three letters. The second word will have four letters.)

Correct answer: Top down

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

"Chess master Garry Kasparov's first move was made in Baku, now in this country"

Category: Soviets not born in Russia

Correct answer: Azerbaijan

Answered correctly by: Emma Boettcher

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