Thanksgiving may be over, but the holidays are just beginning. Here are a few stories to look for this weekend from GateHouse News Service.

FASHIONABLE BOOTS – WITHOUT THE PAIN  - Now that the temperature is dropping and women are scampering for boots, the American Podiatric Medical Association is giving women guidelines so they don't hurt their feet and ankles this season. Milford, Herring, 20 inches, on wire now
ART: With photo


TIPS TO REDUCE HOLIDAY STRESS - A clinical social worker and executive coach offers ideas on keeping the holidays as debt-free as possible.


XMAS DECOR: This year, you don't want to just throw everything you have on the
Christmas tree. Experts talk about what's hot in holiday decor and give tips on how
to create or follow a theme. WEBSTER/Rockford 400 words/moving by Friday morning. For publication Saturday and after.

FANTASY FOOTBALL: Give thanks for the Patriots this fantasy season.


HOLMES COLUMN: The world's top climate scientists say we're at a "defining moment" for the planet. Is anyone listening? MetroWest, 6 p.m.


THIS WEEK IN WEIRD: A roundup of quirky news reported this week by GateHouse newspapers.