Here are the top New England regional stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at

Here are the top New England regional stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at Please submit stories below no later than 6 p.m. local time, unless you have breaking news that is changing significantly. Questions?

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COUPLE TAKES UP RECYCLING TO HELP WITH WEDDING COSTS - Michael Ramos and Suzanne Raposo are on a mission to have the wedding of their dreams, but dreams cost money, and even with five jobs between them it’s an amazing expense.
Herald News, Allard, on wire now
With photos

BRUCE WILLIS FILMS SCENES IN HOPEDALE - Kelly Merchant has been waiting for this day ever since since she found out a movie was being filmed next door. Bruce Willis appeared on set yesterday during filming of his new movie "The Surrogates," and a lucky few had the chance to see him. "He pulled up in a black Cadillac Escalade around 3 p.m.," Merchant said. "Everyone went crazy once we discovered it was him."
Milford, Ghiringhelli, on wire now
With photos

PLYMOUTH ROCK STUDIOS TO BUY WAVERLY OAKS GOLF COURSE FOR MOVIE STUDIO PROJECT – Plymouth will trade a golf course for sound stages as Plymouth Rock Studios signs purchase and sales agreement for Waverly Oaks Golf Course as the site for its world class movie and television production studio.
Ledger, Race, on wire now
With photos

SHOWCASE CINEMAS IN RANDOLPH OFFERS FREE SUMMER FLICKS - The Schillings and Showcase Cinemas join forces in an effort to protect kids from the Summer Sun.
Ledger, MacLean, on wire now

REPORT DETAILS EXCHANGES BETWEEN ACCUSER AND TEACHER’S AIDE - According to court documents, a 27-year-old Winchester teacher's aide nicknamed "Frechy" attempted to lure a 13-year-old female student into the woods near their homes and into his hot tub for "naughty things."
Winchester Star, Tsetsi and Schuler, on wire now
With mug shot

VIDEO: TEAM BANDS YOUNG OSPREY AROUND SOUTH SHORE - Osprey Project of the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s South Shore Sanctuaries and the Duxbury conservation office monitors more than 20 nests from Quincy to Plymouth.
Ledger, Schwartz, on wire now
With video and photos

WHITE SQUIRRELS RARE, NOT UNHEARD OF IN SOMERVILLE - Albino squirrels are very rare, and can be easily identified by their pink eyes and total lack of pigment. They have been found in Somerville, but are extremely rare here.
CNC, Grossman, on wire now
With photos

PLYMOUTH MAN RECEIVES CARNEGIE MEDAL FOR HEROISM - The kids in the neighborhood already call him a superhero. But the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission has made Richard Antonino’s title official by awarding him the Carnegie Medal for heroism.
Ledger, Race, on wire now
With photo


NLRB GIVES FOXWOODS' DEALERS GO-AHEAD TO BARGAIN - About 2,600 table games dealers at Foxwoods Resort Casino can go the bargaining table with their employer, according to a decision released today by the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the National Labor Relations Board.
Norwich, Jacobson, on wire now

MASSACHUSETTS BUSINESS IN BRIEF - Unemployment payments get an extension; Norwell promotions firm expands into New Jersey; Abbott Labs’ new stent gets federal clearance.
Ledger, on wire now


RICK HOLMES COLUMN: Just say the word "terrorist" and the presumption of innocence Americans pretend to support becomes a presumption of guilt.
MetroWest, 7 p.m.

RICHARD LODGE COLUMN: Doing his part to midwife the beetles that will fight off an invasive weed.
MetroWest, 7 p.m.
With pics and video

EDITORIAL: If there's a hall of fame for unintended consequences, it should save room for the law mandating the use of corn-based ethanol for fuel.
MetroWest, 7 p.m.

EDITORIAL: Neuroscientists have figured out something politicians have known for centuries: If you repeat it often enough, a lie lives on in the brain as a fact.
MetroWest, 7 p.m.

EDITORIAL: A pair of professors suggest a public policy third way between nanny liberals and nanny conservatives.
MetroWest, 7 p.m.

Ledger, on wire now

ERICA DUMONT: BEFORE THE CELEBRATIONS, THERE WAS ‘COMMON SENSE’ - Thomas Paine’s observations written before the Declaration of Independence still resonate today
Ledger, guest column, on wire now

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS: ‘UNLIMITED POWER BELONGS NOT TO THE NATURE OF MAN’ - On July 4, 1831, at the request of the citizens of the town of Quincy, former president John Quincy Adams, then in his first term as congressman, delivered an oration on the 55th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Here is an excerpt:
Ledger, on wire now
With photo

Ledger, on wire now

LLOYD GARVER: DON'T READ THIS WHILE YOU DRIVE - I'm not bothered by those behind these laws who favor hands-free phoning. I'm much more worried about those who like to practice hands-free driving.
On wire now

PHIL MADDOCKS: SWIFT BOAT VETERANS PRAISE OBAMA FOR ESCHEWING PUBLIC FINANCING - Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group which helped undermine Sen. John Kerry’s campaign in 2004, praised Sen. Barack Obama’s decision last week to opt out of the public financing system for the general election.
CNC, on wire now




WHAT'S HAPPENING: SOUTH SHORE, BOSTON AND BEYOND - A weekly calendar of arts and entertainment events on the South Shore, in Boston and Cambridge, and within a short drive.
Ledger, on wire now
With photos

VIDEO: READY, SET … BO! (BURNHAM, THAT IS) - The North Shore's own Bo Burnham is a YouTube favorite, an iTunes smash and a comedy club regular. Not bad for a 17-year-old math geek.
CNC, Olson, on wire now
With photos and video

KICKIN’ IT: WOMEN’S LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE SHOE - She is wearing purple, sling-back, peek-a-boo Manolo Blahniks she cannot afford. She would like to remain anonymous.
CNC, Wilcox, on wire now
With photos

FEMALE PILOTS END 2,400-MILE JOURNEY IN MANSFIELD - Sixty-four female pilots arrived in Mansfield June 27, culminating a 2,400-mile trek which started in Boseman, Montana.
Mansfield News, Snyder, on wire now
With photos