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  The Biz List   Forbes.com recently took a look at numerous sports franchises and released its list of the greatest teams of all time. Here are the greatest football teams ever (providing that the Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday):   1. 2007 New England Patriots   2. 1989 San Francisco 49ers   3. 2003 New England Patriots   4. 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers   5. 2004 New England Patriots   Quote of Note   "Economic conditions are deteriorating, and many immigrants now can't work those extra hours or find that second job to keep up with their mortgage payments."   Aracely Panameno at the Center for Responsive Lending (CRL) research policy group, on new studies that show immigrants – legal and illegal – are being hit bard by the economy slowdown and subprime crisis. – Source: Reuters   Number to Know: $3.50   Expected national average price of gasoline per gallon next spring. Experts say gas prices will spike when stations switch from winter to summer fuels.   A Dollar Just Doesn’t Go As Far These Days   How much are you willing to pay for beer? How about $400? And we’re not talking all the beer you need for a Super Bowl party, we’re talking one bottle. Danish brewer Carlsberg ASA is charging almost $4oo for a bottle of its Vintage No. 1 beer – and it’s less than a pint. According to news reports, only 600 bottles of the brew are being produced, so if you want one, act now!   Tip of the Week: Should You Buy a Franchise?   Franchising is not for everyone, but for an individual who has limited business experience or someone who enjoys working within an established system, franchising can be the best possible path. Before you go into any business, franchise or not, it is important to first ask yourself these important questions:   - Do you have strong motivation and drive to achieve success?   - Do you have confidence and enthusiasm for the product or service you will be representing?   - Are you able to motivate yourself and others and train employees?   - Do you have experience in the industry?   - Are you willing to promote your business and the brand?   Figure out if a franchise lifestyle fits into your own lifestyle. Do you have the necessary support system to open this franchise? Does your family support this decision? Do you have an accountant, banker and attorney who will assist you in your start up and growth phases? -- Score.org   Tech Tip: Is a Wireless Printer for You?   Having a wireless network printer has several benefits. There is the obvious benefit of not needing wires to connect to the printer. While it is possible to share a printer via a network connection, having a wireless printer connection adds flexibility to the network. In a traditional computer sharing the printer, the host computer for the printer would need to be turned on in order to use the printer. You do not have this restriction with a wireless network printer. Adding a printer to a wireless network is the same as adding any other device. You will need to have a wireless printer adapter which is compatible with your printer. Generally speaking, you will need a USB printer. If your printer comes with a built in wireless Ethernet adapter, then you will not need to use a wireless printer adapter -- you will need to use a wireless print server to connect to the rest of the network. -- www.computerfreetips.com   GateHouse News Service