Kopischke lands winning catfish at Catfish Derby Days in Franklin

Ben Stoterau
Redwood Gazette

The annual Catfish Derby Days fishing competition took place July 23 to 25 in Franklin.

Over 114 people took part in the annual event which began back in 1976 with William Bielke of Morgan winning with a fish that weighed 28 lbs. 4 oz.

This year the top three place winners in the biggest Flathead Catfish category had fish that were separated by just half a pound—the closest in the tournament's history.

Logan Kopischke of Morgan was the champion with a hog that weighed 32.92 pounds.

Logan Kopischke of Morgan with the winning Flathead Catfish that weighed 32.92 lbs.

Joe Korkemeier of Springfield was second with a cat that weighed 32.43 pounds and Mike Wibben of Little Rock, Iowa was third with a fish that weighed in a 32.36 pounds.

Joe Korkemeier of Springfield with the second place Flathead Catfish that weighed 32.43 lbs.
Mike Wibben of Little Rock, Iowa with the third place Flathead Catfish 32.36 lbs.

Steve Fisher of South Haven caught the biggest Flathead in tourney history back in 2013 weighing in at 52 lbs., 5 oz.

Adam Kindler of Redwood Falls had a 49 lbs. 13 oz. fish that would win in 2006 and Tyler Stage of Redwood Falls won with a 49 pounder in 2009.

Chuck Scheer won with a similar catch to this year in 2020, winning with a fish that weighed 39.77 pounds.

Kaylie Booth of Renville caught the Largest Channel Catfish Junior Division 15.12 lbs
Little Waylon Zempel of Danube caught the largest Flathead Catfish Junior Division weighing a whopping 23.24 lbs.
Chris Baynes of Mankato with the largest Channel Catfish Adult Division 16.26 lbs.