A student's perspective on education during COVID

Victoria Jorgenson
Redwood Falls Gazette

During these unprecedented times, change is bound to occur.

Our entire world has had to adapt to wearing masks, implementing social distancing and many other precautionary procedures in order to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe.

Although COVID-19 has affected everyone, I personally believe one of the biggest impacts has been on the education system.

As a junior in high school, I can honestly say that it has been the most confusing year of my life.

Of course, that is to be expected as I grow older, but I never thought it would be like this.

Redwood Valley High School is currently implementing hybrid learning, meaning that half of the students go one day, and the rest go on the next day.

On the days students are home, we are expected to complete distance learning online.

Students also have the option to participate in complete distance learning.

In theory, hybrid seems like the best of both worlds, being able to learn from the comfort of home, while being able to get in person help from teachers at school as well.

However, I’ve personally felt it also makes the whole concept of institutionalized education more stressful. I think the most basic stressor this format puts onto students is the days themselves.

Some students are considered to be A students, while some are B students. This means that the A students come to school on A days, while the B students complete distance learning at home and vice versa.

Every week, Monday changes, either being an A day or a B day, setting the schedule for the rest of the week. Of course, this is fairly minor, but it’s still one more thing to try to remember.

Aside from that, it makes it a lot harder to meet with teachers.

Distance learning would make this much more difficult, but it’s still a bit more complicated than if we were in school full time.

I also feel as though there’s a lot less one-on-one time with teachers, as it’s hard to ask questions and participate through a screen, not to mention the fact that more students are meeting with teachers in person to try to keep up.

This also affects friendships. Thankfully, all of my friends and I are A’s, but I know a lot of students weren’t that lucky, and are forced to see those they’re close to outside of class, a difficult task right now.

I want to make it clear that I am not bashing those in charge, instead I am personally stating my feelings on how this year is going with all the changes due to COVID.

I do feel that this is the best solution based on what is going on in our world right now, but ideally things would go back to the way they were a year ago, although it’s clear that life has been changed in a way we never expected.

– Victoria Jorgenson is a student at Redwood Valley High School and is the author of two books.