Old School: The best news I've heard in a while

Troy Krause
Redwood Falls Gazette

I went to my first school concert of the year Oct. 1 when the preschool and Kindergarten students at St. John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls performed outdoors for their families.

Just hearing them sing made me smile, but as I walked away from the concert I wondered to myself how many more musical performances I was going to be able to enjoy this school year.

The very next day I received an e-mail from Paul Berggren, one of the Redwood Valley schools band directors.

In a letter to band parents of Redwood Valley High School he announced the middle-school and high-school band and choir students are going to be presenting a concert later this month.

Let’s just say that definitely made my day.

While I understand that this concert is not open to everyone because of current circumstances, I am excited to know that these students will have the opportunity to use their voices and play their instruments outside of rehearsal time. (This might get me in trouble, but I wonder if some of you who want to hear some good music might want to sit in the parking lot at the football field with your windows rolled down to hear it. I know I would.)

I also understand that the school has a new way for those who can’t be at sporting events to watch them from afar, and I am hopeful that the NFHS Network the school is partnering with can be utilized to livestream concerts, too.

When it was announced that the Minnesota State High School League had made a way for football and volleyball to be played my initial reaction was mixed, as I was excited for those student athletes.

However, I also wondered if schools would find ways for other students to be able to perform, too.

I am still waiting for a letter from Whitney Hegg that announces the theater department will be having a show.

I am already counting the hours until Oct. 20. (I am seriously considering skipping a Redwood Falls city council meeting set for that night.)

For me, it is all about having the right priorities.