Old School: Just another day at the 'office'

Troy Krause
Redwood Falls Gazette

Today is my birthday.

Some time around 1 p.m. I will officially be 48 years old.

In recent years I have heard of more and more people who have opted to take off their birthday as if it was some kind of national holiday.

That won’t be me.

(By the way, if you forgot again this year, any belated wishes you want to send, especially if they include presents, will still be welcome.)

I will be working today, although this year is going to be different than most.

I don’t recall ever taking off Oct. 1 for any reason.

I never got to take the day off from school, although I am certain there was at least one time when I tried to convince Mom that it was a good idea.

The difference is that this year I will be able to spend at least more of the day at home. I am continuing to work in my home office, which I am still enjoying an awful lot.

So, even though I will be in the “office” it will be much closer to being at home than I have been in a long time.

I will be in town for a little while this morning, and so if you see me on the street a socially distanced greeting will be acceptable.

Don’t expect me to know you, especially if you are wearing a mask.

I am not sure if it is a sign of old age or not, but I am having a lot harder time determining who people are when they are wearing a mask.

That actually happened to me just the other day when I was standing in line at one of the local stores.

Someone walked by me and I heard that all-too-common muffled sound.

They greeted me by name, and I turned to say “hey” back.

For those first few seconds I had no idea who it was. This is where the phrase pregnant pause became what felt to me like nine months.

I am not certain how long that pause actually lasted, but the duration got to the point where I was feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

My brain processed like that of a nearly 48-year-old male.

Then it hit me who it was, and I offered a greeting in return using their first name.

They went their way, and I went mine after paying for my lunch (chips and a pop).

After a while I started to doubt myself wondering if that is who that really was.

So, if you and I have recently greeted one another and I have called you by the wrong name I apologize.

I have never been a name tag type of person (I used to have a collection of name tags I would be handed at meetings with my name on them that I never wore).

However, I am beginning to think at least for the time being that we all ought to wear something that indicates who we are.

I call Zubaz®.

I actually just looked to see if they have come out with their own masks.

They do.

Guess what I’m getting this year for my birthday.