When life hands you lemons

Paul Hunter Zaid
Redwood Falls Gazette

Are you struggling to read or hear of inspiring news in 2020?

If so, I understand your struggle.

As the weeks turn into months of the pandemic, I feel many, including myself, are desperate to hear of positive news events.

As I’m typing this column I’m struggling to think of positive news events, but then I realized that I just need to look around my own community to read or hear of positive news events.

With the conclusion of an atypical school year I know there were many local high-school graduates who embraced the challenges before them and made the best of the life milestone of graduation.

Yes, graduation wasn’t the same as in years past, but I also know that the energy and tenacity of youth easily helped graduates push through their alternate graduation ceremony with optimism and enthusiasm.

Now that summer is fully engaged our communities have cancelled many of their beloved annual celebrations due to the pandemic. However, there is a positive side to all this. To see it we have to do what the recent graduates of 2020 did, they simply made the best of what cards they were dealt.

Today many businesses and services and places of worship are open, and we can now enjoy what is available to us today that wasn’t available to us several weeks ago. Yes, there are now safety guidelines implemented that may frustrate some, but the alternative is having things closed.

Despite the pandemic still being an ongoing threat, we need to value and embrace the luxury of having toilet paper in our stores and having stocked items on store shelves.

As we continue to adjust to all the changes and the unknown of what each day brings, let’s please not forget to enjoy the little things in life. Many of us are blessed with family, friends, food and shelter. What more could one need? We all know many struggle with the alternative.

As I have gotten older I realize the powerful tool of creating solutions instead of complaining. Yes, that’s easier said than done at times. However, what a powerful and magical ability we all have to create our own personal happiness. While we have the luxury and joy of today let’s not let that mentality go.

We all know fully well that life can change in a blink of an eye.

If we can get through this pandemic, then what is possible for each of us individually and as a society?

The power to survive is instinctual and we all have that programmed into our DNA. Let’s continue to march forward and make the best lemonade possible out of the lemons we have been dealt.

After all, much of life is all about attitude.