Redwood County Board organizes for 2022

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

The Redwood County Board of Commissioners approved a number of 2022 organizational matters at their Tuesday, Jan. 4 meeting, including electing officers. Jim Salfer was elected as Chairman for 2022 and Dennis Groebner was elected as Vice-Chair.

Other routine annual items approved: Authorized the Board Chair to act on behalf of Redwood County in case of emergencies. Adopted Roberts Rules of Order as the County Board meeting procedural guide. Adopted a Resolution of Designation of Depositories for 2022—Bremer Bank NA, Bremer Wealth Management, Hometown Bank, Integrity Bank Plus, Minnwest Bank M.V., U.S. Bank, Wanda State Bank, MAGIC Fund, Wells Fargo Advisors, Multi-Bank Securities, State Bank of Taunton. Adopted a Resolution to use the county website for advertisement of Transportation Project Bids in 2022. Adopted a Resolution to designate the Redwood Gazette as the Official Newspaper for Redwood County in 2022. 

Starting in 2022, a state statute requires the elected Auditor/Treasurer and Recorder to give the County Board written notice of intent to file for the position(s) for the upcoming 2022 election year. The Board acknowledged that both Jean Price, Auditor/Treasurer, and Joyce Anderson, Recorder, gave the required written notice.

Road and Bridge agenda items — The Board authorized the County Engineer to sign and pay permit fees as they apply to Redwood County Projects. The Board authorized advertising for the CR 63 reconstruction project with individual letting date to be determined by the County Engineer. CR 63 will be reconstructed from CSAH 16 to South Street.

Scott Wold presented the bids for a new truck for the ditch department. The Board approved the purchase a 2022 F150 from Ford Weelborg in the amount of $31,790 plus taxes and fees (the low bid).

Briana Mumme of the EDA presented information, and the Board approved the submission of a new application to DEED for a Small Cities Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 for a fiber project within the City of Sanborn and Charleston Township.

Mumme also provided a report the Board had requested regarding ownership and legal structure of long-term care facilities within the county. Chair Salfer appointed Commissioners Dave Forkrud and Rick Wakefield to a Sub-committee to develop guidelines for the development of a Long Term Care Facility Grant Program with American Rescue Plan funds.

The Board denied a funding request from the Southwest Regional Development Commission for $3,000 in matching funds to support a grant application for the development of a strategic plan to establish a regional trail network in Southwest Minnesota.

The Board adopted a resolution setting elected officials' minimum salaries—Auditor/Treasurer $78,208; County Attorney $95,529.60; Recorder $67,059.20; Sheriff $98,529.60.

The Board reviewed a draft Vaccine Mandate Policy so the County is prepared to be in compliance with the federal mandate if it goes into effect. The mandate has been appealed and a Supreme Court hearing took place on Jan. 7 with a ruling not yet announced by press time. The Board is prepared to adopt the policy if necessary.

The Board reviewed the Committee Appointments for 2022 and Chair Salfer made appointments as presented. These are available to view on the Redwood County website under the County Board of Commissioners tab.

The next meeting of the Redwood County Board is Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 8:30 a.m.