Redwood County Township annual meetings, elections held

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Townships around the state held annual meetings and elections on Tuesday, March 9—Township Day. While township board supervisors usually are re-elected as their terms expire, in Paxton Township a new supervisor was elected due to the retirement of supervisor and chairman, Mark Parker. 

After 37 years of service on the Paxton Township Board of Supervisors, Mark Parker (right) retired from the board and was honored at the annual meeting on March 9. Parker shakes hands with newly elected supervisor Cameron Maurer.

The Paxton Township Board announced Parker’s retirement with this statement: “It is difficult, if not impossible, to sum up his achievements over the last 37 years of dedicated service to the residents of Paxton Township. His contributions to the successful administration of township government is a true inspiration to all.

“Mark will always be remembered as a hardworking, committed, and devoted township official. His accomplishments will always remain as a testament to his leadership and passion.

“To celebrate Mark’s well-deserved retirement, the township residents honored him with a plaque and cake and ice cream following the Annual Meeting and township election on March 9. Fellow Paxton board members (current and past), as well as fellow residents wish to extend to him all the best in his future endeavors and sincere gratitude for all he has achieved.  Mark’s time on the Paxton board will always be remember with fondness for his many and varied contributions. He will be missed.”

Paxton Township election results: Re-elected Randy Mages, Treasurer; newly elected Supervisor Cameron Maurer.

Other Redwood County townships reporting results to the Gazette:

Charlestown Township: Re-elected Bernell Hillesheim, Supervisor; and Harley Johnson, Treasurer. Levy: stayed set at $72,500.

Delhi Township: Re-elected John R. Jensen, Supervisor; and Brent Huhnerkoch, Treasurer. Levy: Road and Bridge, $45,000; Fire, $15,000; General Fund, $15,000; Total $75,000.

Gales Township: Re-elected Supervisor and Chairman Robert Zwach, Jr. Levy: $50,000.

Granite Rock: Re-elected Paul Zeug, Supervisor; and Angela Plaetz, Treasurer.

Lamberton Township:Re-elected Dan Coulter, Supervisor; and Pam Jensen, Treasurer. Levy: $90,000.

Morgan Township: Re-elected Jeff Tauer, Supervisor (3-year term); and Keith Christensen, Treasurer (2-year term). Levy reduced by $10,000 from last year: Road & Bridge, $82,000; General Fund, $10,000; Fire Fund, $8,750; Total levy: $100,750.

North Hero Township:  Re-elected Eugene Swanson, Supervisor; and Dave Doubler, Treasurer.  

Sheridan Township: Levy set at $80,000.

Sherman Township: Re-elected Todd Schouvieller, Supervisor. Levy: $75,000. From clerk, Denise Kirschstein: “Of note at our Annual Meeting, the gopher bounty was raised from $1 per gopher to $2 per gopher. It was not within anyone's memory when the gopher bounty was ever changed.”

Springdale Township: Re-elcted Jon Boerboom, Supervisor; and Edward Carter, Treasurer. Levy: Road and Bridges, $72,000; General Fund, $13000; Total levy: $85,000.00, with $72, 000.

Three Lakes Township: Re-elected Bruce Billmeier, Supervisor; Jeff Kodet, Treasurer. Levy: $70,000.

Vail Township: Re-elcted Adam Welu, Supervisor; and Jeremy Waknitz, Treasurer. Levy: $65,000.

Vesta Township Officers were elected Nov. 3, 2020: Supervisor A, Robert Alexander; Supervisor B, Dallas Dolan; and Treasurer, Sonya Alexander.