Governor’s bonding proposal includes funds for Redwood Falls Veterans Cemetery

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

On Monday, Feb. 22, Governor Tim Walz announced his 2021 Local Jobs and Projects Plan – his capital investment recommendation for the current legislative session. The plan invests $518.086 million in infrastructure projects across the state to maintain existing buildings, invest in communities, and ensure that the state can leverage available federal funds.

Includes funding for Redwood Falls Veterans Cemetery

The Governor recommends $4.5 million to construct, furnish, and equip the new State Veterans Cemetery in Redwood Falls. This provides funding for the State of Minnesota's fourth State Veterans Cemetery as intended by the 2011 legislature. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Cemetery Administration's Veterans Cemetery Grant Program (VCGP) will provide a $5.99 million federal grant for this project.

According to Dustin Hunter, Redwood County Veterans Services Officer, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs is working the VA National Cemetery Administration on detailed plans for the cemetery and will solicit bids later this summer. Hunter said the federal funds become available on Oct. 1 and that they are certainly hopeful that Governor Walz’ recommendation for $4.5 million will be approved by the Minnesota Legislature to allow the project to be fully completed in a more timely manner.

Property for the Veterans Cemetery is already secured, located at the east edge of Redwood Falls, along Highway 19/71.