Lower Sioux Indian Community statement regarding Lower Sioux Indian Community Police Dept.


The Lower Sioux Community Council has begun a process of reorganizing the Lower Sioux Police Department (“Department”) with a goal of renewing a commitment to the Department’s original mission of protecting Community members and guests under its jurisdiction, engaging Community members it its efforts and activities, and preserving the peace and protecting of life and property.  The Department will continue to be staffed by POST-licensed peace officers, will be led by a Director of Public Safety who has over 30 years of law enforcement service, and will be advised by a Community Public Safety Advisory Committee that will play an active role in assisting the Department in identifying Community needs and fostering Community engagement and support.

Community President Robert Larsen stated, “The Community’s effort is focused on a return to principles of Community policing and Community engagement, an enhanced commitment to protecting and serving the Community and guests under our jurisdiction, and a renewed and rock solid commitment to our governmental partners.  We look forward to working with all stakeholders on this enormously important effort.”