Quincy Schaffer found

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Quincy Domingo Schaffer, age 21, was reported missing to Lower Sioux Police Department on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Schaffer’s body was located on Jan. 31 by members of a community search party.

Quincy Schaffer was reported missing on Jan. 27; his body was found by community searchers on Jan. 31.

Two days after Schaffer was reported missing, on Jan. 29, the LSPD released a statement about the search which said Schaffer had not been located, “but an incredible amount of effort is going into trying to locate him. Officers have utilized the LSPD K9, drones, ATVs, and foot patrols throughout the community.” LSPD also said, “Redwood County Sheriffs Office and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension have both been assisting our Officers in efforts to locate Mr. Schaffer. Our Officers are working longer days to try and locate this missing young man.”

The Jan. 29 statement concluded, “While we cannot stop private persons from creating search parties, we ask you to do so carefully and with respect to private property.”

On Jan. 31, the community learned that Schaffer’s body had been found. The LSPD provided the following update on the situation on Feb. 2.

“The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office has completed a preliminary autopsy of Quincy Schaffer and found hypothermia as a contributing factor in Mr. Schaffer’s death. The autopsy found no significant physical injuries indicating assault or other cause of death.

“Mr. Schaffer was reported missing to Lower Sioux Police Department on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Sadly, he was located deceased on Sunday, Jan. 31, in a wooded area behind a residence located within the Lower Sioux Indian Community.

“While investigating the disappearance, the Lower Sioux Police Department was informed about an alleged attempted assault at a Lower Sioux Indian Community residence that caused Mr. Schaffer to flee the home. No individuals in the home required medical attention and the incident was not reported to law enforcement until the investigation of Mr. Schaffer’s disappearance began. Lower Sioux Police Department’s investigation into that incident is ongoing.

“The Redwood County Sheriff’s Office, Redwood Falls Police Department, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office are assisting with the investigation.”

According to social media posts, a community search party for Schaffer was formed on Sunday morning, Jan. 31, following a ceremony by the people. Searchers reportedly found Schaffer’s body in less than an hour.