Redwood Falls Blood Drive January 18 and 19 at RACC

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Redwood Falls Blood Drive Coordinator Heather Smith reminds blood donors that it is time for the Redwood Falls Blood Drive again.  It will be held at the RACC, the afternoons of Jan. 18 and 19. Appointments can be made for noon through 6 p.m. 

Smith said they are planning to run the drive the way they did in October. 

1. Walk-ins are accepted but only if an appointment slot is open within 15 minutes of when you walk in. As always, you can make an appointment online at or call Heather at 507-430-4695.

2. Everyone must wear a mask and will have their temperature taken at the door. A mask will be provided if you do not have one.

3. The number of available appointments has been cut once again, due to the shortage of Red Cross staff because so many are required to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. Because of this, we always have a waiting list. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment. We understand things come up, but if you know before the drive that you won't make your appointment, please let Heather know by calling 507-430-4695 so we can schedule someone else into your slot.

4. If possible, please complete a Rapid Pass prior to coming for your appointment. You can do so by going to

5. To make this process even smoother download the Donor App on your smart device to have easy access to all your information, make appointments with the click of a button, and see how your donation has made an impact!