School district referendums pass, Lueck elected to school board

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Tuesday evening, Nov. 2, the unoffical results of the Special Election were available. Both referendum questions were approved by the school district voters. Question 1 passed 668 to 179, to renew an expiring operating levy (cost is neutral for the district and the taxpayer). Question 2 passed 553 to 295, for an operating levy for an additional $138. 82 per pupil unit (funds to be used to offset revenue losses due to the pandemic.)

Results in the election for a School Board member: Andrew Lueck - 373, JoDee Altmann - 160, Erica Plaetz - 150, David Allex - 121, Write-Ins - 7.

Results are not official until the Board canvasses election results (see below.)

At the Oct. 25 meeting of the Redwood Area School Board several new teachers and their mentors were introduced. For the next two months new teachers to the district, and their mentors, will attend a school board meeting to be introduced to school board members and share a little about themselves. Karla Beck, Director of Teaching and Learning introduced the program.Tianna Cselovszki, Tessa Heiling, Nicole Berning and Alle Bebeau, new teachers to the district, introduced themselves along with their mentors Ally Carlson, Todd Steve, Denise Kaupang and Courtney Bergeson.

RVHS Art Teacher, Jamie Steffl, ALP Director, Robin Beske and students Shelby Burg, Hayden Schmidt, Leah Mckee, Aiyanna Redday, and Brittney Sandoval were at the meeting to present information on a mural the ALP art students would like paint in the hallway by the ALP and art classrooms. The Board unanimously approved the project idea and a request for $600 in project expenses.

The Board approved contracting with WOLD Architects and Engineers to proceed with planning for the replacement of the asphalt parking lot with concrete starting in the summer of 2022.

The Board unanimously approved setting Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 8 a.m. for the required special meeting to canvass election results from the Nov. 2 Special Election.

The Board accepted resignations of the following staff: Sally Anderson, ES Special Ed Teacher; and Kate Mariner, MS Paraprofessional; both effective Oct. 18.

The Board approved employment of the following staff: Jackie Ourada, Live Well Coordinator, at $1,250/year; Alexis Martin, ES Special Ed Para, at $14/hour.

The next regular meeting of the Redwood Area School Board is Monday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m.