Catch it if you can—Wabasso High School to present musical “Catch Me If you Can”

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Students at Wabasso High School will present “Catch Me If You Can - The Musical” on two weekends—May 15 and 16 and May 22 and 23. Shows are at 7 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. 

The popular Dinner Theatre is already sold out, but there are reserved general admission tickets available. Tickets must be purchased 48 hours prior to the show you plan to attend, however seating capacity is limited, so reserving early is the best way to secure your seats. To order tickets contact Director Tara Morin at 507-430-1748 or email

Based on the hit DreamWorks film, this splashy spectacle follows the high-flying adventures of a globetrotting con artist, Frank Abagnale Junior, played by Gabe Martin. Seeking fame and fortune, Frank Junior runs away from home at the age of 16 to begin an unforgettable adventure. 

With nothing more than his boyish charm, a big imagination and millions of dollars in forged checks, Frank successfully poses as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer — living the high life and winning the girl of his dreams. But, when Frank’s lies catch the attention of the FBI and Detective Hanratty, played by Halle Huhnerkoch, is put on the case, it seems as though Frank's luck may finally run out.  

Left: Pan Am Stewardesses in “Catch Me If You Can” pose at the conclusion of a dance number—(Left to Right, Front to Back) Shayna Huhnerkoch, Annabelle Struntz, Ashlyn Daub, Sophia Hanna, and Jocelyn Jenniges. Right - The leading roles in “Catch Me If You Can” are played by Halle Huhnerkoch (left) as Agent Hanratty, taking a sly look at Frank Abagnale Junior and  played by Gabe Martin.

“Catch Me If You Can” is a big and bright musical with high-energy dance numbers, a riveting story, and unbelievable but true characters.  

Cast members: Katie Bernardy, Avery Carlson, Jayden Carlson, Ashlyn Daub, Sophia Hanna, Shayna Huhnerkoch, Jocelyn Jenniges, Aidan Kampsen, Mataya Nelson, Allison Parker, Katelynn Riley, Emma Salfer, Annabelle Struntz, Adryen Tietz and the dynamic duo of Halle Huhnerkoch as Agent Hanratty and Gabe Martin as Frank Abagnale Junior.