Wow! Big news on the front page — Gazette sold again!

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

Wow! Big news on the front page — Gazette sold again!

Believe me you are getting fresh news there. I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon—kind of past my deadline, but that's another story. Or maybe it's the same story. I spent a couple of hours in meetings this morning learning about the paper's sale to CherryRoad Media. 

About all I know is this should be good news for the Redwood Falls area.

CherryRoad Media seems to be more suited to own small weekly newspapers. In our meetings we all got the impression they would give us more control over EVERYTHING in the paper. It will be more of a "community" paper once everything is complete. While the sale is complete as of Jan. 1, there will be some transition time while Gannett continues to provide the content design so don't expect a new look right away.

There was something kind of "shock value" fun in telling people the Redwood Falls paper is part of the USA Today Network, and plenty of resources come with that kind of ownership, but there is probably more of a "comfort value" that comes with our new CherryRoad Media family.

Thank you to all our readers and advertisers—you are the reason we can have a hometown newspaper. Please stick with us and bring all your friends and business partners along!