Connie Lechner is new director of Redwood Falls library

Troy Krause
Connie Lechner (above) began her new role as the director of the Redwood Falls Public Library in October.

When Connie Lechner’s children were growing up, one of the places they would frequent with their mom was the Redwood Falls library.

“We would spend hours there looking at and picking out books,” said Lechner.

Now Lechner is spending even more time at the local public library, as in mid-October she took over as its director.

For Lechner, the role is multifaceted, as she works with the rest of the staff to create a place that serves the needs and wants of the community.

That role also means working with the library board and its foundation to develop the vision for the future of the community amenity. 

Lechner said she opted to make the career move based on the fact that in her most recent role she was not having opportunities to make public contact.

“I missed being with people,” said Lechner, adding she is happy to be back in a public service role where she will be able to interact with the public on a regular basis.

Lechner admitted she has no library experience coming into the role of director, but she said having the chance to work for a period of time with previous director Teri Smith to help with the transition, along with the support and assistance she has received from the current staff, has been a huge help.

Lechner believes the library plays an important role in the community, as it provides a place where people can get information and gather together.

“Knowledge is power,” said Lechner, adding the library is an important arm of education in a community. “Education has always been important to me.”

The local library has strong community support, Lechner said, and she looks forward, once the current pandemic is over, to see more people involved in the library’s activities and programs.

The library is serving patrons the best way it can right now, said Lechner.

Lechner grew up in Redwood Falls and enjoys the chance to serve the community in any way she can.

She has been a member of the Redwood Area Education Foundation and also serves on the Orrin Estebo Foundation.