New vehicle services system launched and operating

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette

A new vehicle services system is now processing title, registration and other transactions for Minnesotans and the deputy registrars who serve them.

The system includes new online features and improvements, but most customers won’t notice a major difference during an office visit.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) launched the new vehicle services system, MNDRIVE, along with a driver services system upgrade to FastDS Nov. 16.

MNDRIVE replaces the Minnesota License and Registration System and provides an all-in-one system for DVS, deputy registrar and driver’s license agent office staff processing driver and vehicle services.

“Our business partners and customers deserve a system that meets their driver and vehicle service needs now and well into the future,” Emma Corrie, DPS-DVS director said. “We launched MNDRIVE after months of hard work and collaboration, seeking intentional input from those who are now using the system to serve Minnesotans. The software used to develop MNDRIVE is tested and tried in several states and will better position us for future upgrades, evolving technology and customer needs.” 

“We will continue to watch the system closely and listen to feedback from our partners and customers as we move forward. We ask Minnesotans visiting their local offices during the next couple weeks to be patient as staff adjust to using the new system,” added Corrie.

FAST Enterprises developed MNDRIVE in partnership with DPS-DVS and Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) to provide an all-in-one driver and vehicle services system for DPS-DVS staff and business partners.

Learn more about the new system on the DPS Web site at