Increased COVID-19 case numbers causing concern in Redwood area, new state orders

Troy Krause
Carris Health - Redwood is seeing a significant increase in the number of people who need care for COVID-19.

Carnie Allex, Carris Health - Redwood administrator, made a plea to the public this past Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 18).

“Our health care workers are tired,” she said. “They are stretched thin.”

So, Allex added, when the public is demonstrating that it is not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously that only adds to their level of frustration and a decrease in overall morale.

Allex spoke during an online interview with local media last week about the realities of COVID-19 in the county and the impact that is having on the local hospital and clinic.

The State of Minnesota is facing a surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, said Allex, adding the Redwood area has not been immune.

According to Allex, during the week prior to Nov. 18 Redwood County saw significant growth in the number of cases, adding just in the previous three days the number of daily cases has tripled. All of that is putting a higher demand on local health care. 

As the number of cases increases, the local hospital has pushed its capacity to the limits, and there have been times when some of the more serious cases have had to be transported to another health care facility.

Allex added that does not always mean the local beds are full. There are times when there is not enough staff to meet those needs.

Testing for COVID-19 is still available by appointment.

The most recent visitor policy, which is fluid as the realities change from day to day, can be found on the hospital’s Web site.

Allex stressed the importance of the community doing its part by abiding by health guidelines, adding the path forward happens when those actions are consistently taken.

“The staff is doing an amazing job,” she said, but it needs the help of the community for things to change.

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