Backward Glances: Student asks principal intriguing question about school discipline

Joshua Dixon
Boys of the ninth grade German class at Redwood Falls High School presented a skit based on the TV show "Hogan's Heroes" at the dinner sponsored by the German Club, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the Nov. 17, 1970 Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

November 1970

• An article about the Redwood Falls High School dress code noted that many athletes still preferred to come to school wearing a suit and tie on days when they took part in sporting events.

• Because of increased training programs for the mentally handicapped in the area, three residents of the Robert E. Milton Home had found full-time jobs in Redwood Falls.

• A state record harvest meant area grain elevators were storing thousands of tons of corn and soybeans outdoors for the time being.

• Former Redwood Falls golfer Les Peterson won $650 in the Gardena Open in Redondo Beach, Calif.

• Anti-pollution measures suggested by area Boy Scouts included being careful with matches in wooded areas, and not spraying chemical compounds on windy days.

• A gruesome front-page Gazette article about the dangers of drunk driving explained in graphic medical detail what exactly can happen to your body in just seven-tenths of a second if you crash into a tree while driving at 55 miles per hour.

• The regional meeting of the Gideon Bible Society at the First Presbyterian Church in Redwood drew exactly twice as many people as expected, with volunteers having to scramble to serve 120 people lunch instead of the 60 planned.

• When Wabasso High School Principal Ken Hanson asked freshmen students in for a question-and-answer session, one of the students asked, “Why can’t teachers clobber a student instead of sending him to the office?”

• A benefit wheelchair basketball game at Wabasso High School was no contest, with a team of actual physically disabled players from Southwest State College defeating the home team with a score so humiliating the Gazette declined to report it.

25 years ago

November 1995

• Fraud charges were expected soon after a Minnesota Department of Commerce audit showed the Renville Farmers Co-op Credit Union had nearly $8 million in overdrafts that couldn’t be accounted for.

• Redwood Falls High School Class of 1982 grad Mark Hogan won a national award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his outstanding work as a refuge operations specialist in the Brookings, S.D., area on ag and wildlife programs.

• A nationwide shortage of railroad shipping cars meant area grain elevators were storing thousands of tons of corn and soybeans outdoors for the time being.

10 years ago

November 2010

• The Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz family of Redwood Falls was named Redwood County’s outstanding conservationists for 2010.