Maria Piette is the new Cardinal Kids Club coordinator, preschool teacher

Troy Krause
Maria Piette is serving as the coordinator for the Cardinal Kids Club, and she is co-teaching Discovery Time preschool classes for three year olds.

In 2013, Maria Piette graduated from Centennial High School in Circle Pines.

Piette, who then earned degrees in business management and child development from North Dakota State University, has also earned a Masters degree in education administration and leadership from St. Cloud State University and is currently in the process of obtaining superintendent, principal, as well as community education licenses.

While Piette continues that pursuit, she has taken on a role working with the youngest children in the local school district as the coordinator for the Cardinal Kids Club childcare program, and is she co-teaching the three-year-old Discovery Time preschool class. 

“I wanted to be a teacher to spend quality time with children and help shape their minds. There are so many possibilities for children and I want to help them reach their full potential,” explained Piette.

According to Piette, she specifically chose to work with the youngest students in the school setting, because she “loves the small humans,” jokingly adding that she is still “smart enough to teach the content.”

Prior to coming to serve students in the Redwood Area School District, Piette worked in a school setting as a substitute teacher in a small Preschool through Grade 12 Christian school in Cambridge.

Piette said she had several teachers who were positive influences in her life.

“I try to remember that kids will remember me, as I remember all of my teachers,” she added. “I want them to have positive memories, and I want them to know that I will always be consistent. They will know what to expect from me, and I hope that gives them a sense of security while in my presence.”

While Piette does not have any other school teachers in her family, she still looks to people with lots of wisdom that they graciously share.

Piette came to the area because her fiance lives here and has a son in the Wabasso school district.

“I have a love for children, and the school district is where I knew those children would be,” she added.

According to Piette, things have been going well as she starts the new school year.

“COVID likes to disrupt what we like to call ‘normal,’ so it has been a challenge at times,” Piette indicated.

Outside of the school day, Piette has gotten involved in the community as part of some intramural teams playing softball, volleyball and kickball and she was in a pistol shooting league through Redwood Valley Arms & Ammo.

“After I finish my schooling I will look into coaching options if they become available,” she added.

Piette grew up in Lino Lakes with her parents and one brother.

“My grandparents live in Bird Island, so I have been familiar with Redwood Falls my whole life,” Piette explained. “Having a picnic at the top of the waterfall was a favorite memory of mine. I am going to be getting married to my fiance, Aaron, in May of 2021 and inherit a pretty phenomenal stepson.”

Outside of school, Piette enjoys working out, spending time with her dog, being outside and being active.

“I love spending time with my family and my fiance’s family, and watching Kaysen play sports. Homework keeps me busy, so I’m looking forward to the time when I don’t have that on my ‘to-do’ list,” she added.

Piette indicated she does not have a teaching license, so her pathway to education was not the “norm.”

However, Piette indicated she enjoys where she is, and looks forward to more opportunities in the future.