Redwood County License Center scheduled to be closed Nov. 11-13

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Redwood Falls Gazette
Redwood Falls Gazette

Minnesotans will encounter some limited services as the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) prepares to launch the new MNDRIVE computer system Nov. 16.

In advance of that Nov. 16 date, the Redwood County License Center located in the government center in Redwood Falls is going to be closed Nov. 11-13 in order to replace its computer system. 

MNDRIVE is going to change the way Minnesota deputy registrar offices and car dealerships process vehicle services. Some of the changes Minnesotans will see when accessing these services include:

• The system replaces the paper 21-day temporary permit with a new temporary license plate. This temporary license plate is printed on a special paper at the dealership and attached to the vehicle.

• The system allows Minnesotans to upload and submit documents required for vehicle service transactions online, eliminating the need to visit an office.

• The system will accurately calculate registration taxes and fees to ensure Minnesotans are paying the correct amount. FAST Enterprises developed MNDRIVE in partnership with DPS-DVS and Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) to replace MNLARS and provide an all-in-one driver and vehicle services system for DPS-DVS staff and business partners.

Representatives from the Minnesota Deputy Registrar Association (MDRA), the Deputy Registrar Business Owners Association (DRBOA) and the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) have been involved in the development process.

The rollout includes:

• Vehicle title and registration, which includes accurate fee calculators and vehicle identification number verification.

• A Web portal, E-Services for Business, that dealers and other businesses will use to access the system and conduct business with DPS-DVS

• Minnesota dealer license management and capability for dealers to enter sales information into the system to create a vehicle record and print temporary permits.

• Newly designed license plate size temporary registration permits.

• Newly designed disability parking certificate.

• Electronic vehicle title and registration (EVTR) services that streamline the process between participating dealers and deputy registrars, improving accuracy and efficiency.

• Driver’s license system upgrade For more information, visit the DPS Web site at