Backward Glances: Palpable pick-pockets pick proxy pick-pockets pockets

Joshua Dixon
"Mrs. Santa Claus" was the theme of the Belles Lettres Study Club's skit which was given at the Redwood County Nursing Home, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the Nov. 5, 1970 edition of the Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

November 1970

• During the first public performance of the RFHS musical Oliver, someone took the play’s story about youngsters being trained to become pickpockets and thieves as a how-to lesson. While the cast and crew were busy putting on the show onstage, someone went through their pockets and purses in the dressing room and walked off with all of their cash.

• With several new neighborhoods springing up in that part of town, the public school board approved a plan to begin bus service for students who lived east of DeKalb Street.

• The Redwood Falls American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts began tentative meetings about the possibility of building a joint facility, similar to the Service-mans Club in Sleepy Eye.

• Redwood County voted 4,415 to 3,824 to reject lowering the voting age to 19 years old.

• After the elections, Gerald Mann was named assessor of Honner Township, replacing his aunt Nellie Davis, who replaced her brother Everett Mann, who had replaced his dad Willard C. Mann, who originally took on the role in 1901.

• Using a variety of traps and lures, Redwood Falls Chief of Police Mike Young and Redwood County Sheriff Jerry Luttman spent an afternoon trying to capture an escaped male sheep gamboling west of the Redwood River bridges. Finally, Pat Bestick just ran over and tackled the sheep, football player-style, before taking it to the Ramsey Park Zoo for safe keeping.

25 years ago

November 1995

• The communities gave their approval in the 1995 election, voting 564 to 29 to officially consolidate the separate towns of Redwood Falls and North Redwood.

• One side-effect of the vote: because Redwood Falls and North Redwood each had an “Oak Street”, the latter community’s was renamed “Woodland Lane.”

• Par Management, a Farmington-based development company, had all the basic plans in place to build a new 18-hole golf course on the south side of Redwood Falls, south of Normandale Drive.

• RFHS Class of 1965 graduate Thomas Root, a nationally-known composer and conductor, returned to his hometown to guest-conduct the RVHS band at a workshop.

• Bob Syverson of Walnut Grove was named the Redwood County conservation Farmer of the Year.

10 years ago

November 2010

• RVHS Class of 1996 graduate David Schulte won a regional Emmy award for a satirical show he co-wrote and produced for CTV.

• The Friends of the Park’s first fundraising bricks were in-stalled across from the Ramsey Park Zoo’s new river walk.