Snowfall leads to mixed results at recent Redwood Falls blood drive

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette
Volunteer Ag Johanneck scheduled donors for next January's blood drive in the Redwood Area Community Center, while the Mankato-based Red Cross took donations Oct. 19.

After a better-than-expected Oct. 19 blood drive at the Redwood Area Community Center surpassed the day’s goal, the Oct. 20 blizzard knocked the numbers down to just slightly under what was hoped for.

In the end, the Red Cross drove away from Redwood Falls Tuesday with 225 units of blood, just six short of the goal; not bad for a day with a blizzard thrown into it.

• No Shows: 30

• Walk Outs: 2

• Deferrals: 13

• Goal: 231

• Actual Units Collected: 225

What follows are the donation milestones:

• First Time Donors - Marissa Ebben, David Allex, Duane Hooge, Randy Kay Robinson, Scott Kodet, Brooke Huhnerkoch, Theresa Hacker, Rhonda Kerkhoff, Mary Wetmore

• One gallon - Jamie Steffl, Allen Curry, Michelle Madsen

• Two gallons - Kelly Breitkreutz, Todd Nelson

• Three gallons - Ronald Ihrke, Krysta Schroeder, Gwen Bohlke, Alexander Boyle

• Four gallons - Jeanne Green, Tyler Myrom, Kathryn Gudgel

• Five gallons - Richard Salmon

• Six gallons - Michael Joldersma

• Seven gallons - Jacqueline Simmons

• Eight gallons - Corey Theis, Mary Liebl

• Nine gallons - Sandy Schrank, Cindy Gunderson, John Weiers, Aaron Deterling

• 10 gallons - Beverly Jensen, Mary Peterson, Dorie Oja

• 11 gallons - Sheryll Brandt

• 12 gallons - Richard Hauge

• 13 gallons - Jeanette Malecha, Jody Gewerth

• 15 gallons - Kayleen Dahmes