City of Wabasso mayor candidates: Rachel Ingebretson

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette
Redwood Falls Gazette

Why are you running for mayor?

I have served eight years on the Wabasso City Council and decided to try being the mayor. I feel it is time for a new mayor and thought that with my experience, I could continue to serve the city well.

From your perspective, what is the role of mayor?

The mayor is, in a way, the leader of the council. He or she runs the meeting and is the tiebreaker for any votes that don’t have a clear majority. The role can also serve as an initial point of contact for the public, but the mayor’s role then is to bring the concerns to the rest of the city council. They do not necessarily have any more authority when it comes to decisions.

How would you as mayor balance fiscal responsibility and ensuring residents receive the services they need?

In my eight years as a council member, I feel that we have done our best to control spending in such a way as to minimize taxation. Yes, levies have increased, but that is mainly due to the costs of products and services that have been necessary for us to purchase to maintain city services, etc.

What do you think is the city’s greatest asset? How would you as mayor best utilize that asset?

I think that Wabasso’s greatest asset is its small size. We are a quiet, close knit community, but are willing to open our arms to newcomers. I would utilize the small town atmosphere by getting out into the community and taking part in functions that help benefit our residents, organizations, schools, etc.

How would you work to collaborate with other units of government at the local, state and federal level?

I am more than willing to work with other units of government, so that it benefits all involved. As a council, it is our responsibility to task our city clerk/administrator/ treasurer with researching items to bring back to us so we can make a decision. If necessary, I am more than willing to attend meetings, etc. with other government units.

How as mayor can you best promote economic development?

We do our best by promoting our EDA opportunities on Facebook, our Web site and the local newspaper. We need to be willing to be open minded regarding businesses who are interested in our community while still serving the residents’ best interests.

What is more important, acting in response to the will of the people, or, acting in the way city officials believe is the best course of action?

It is more important to act in the way that is best for all residents in our community. I am certainly willing to take into consideration the opinions of the public, but if the action is not in the best interest of all, it shouldn’t take place.

Other than the above topics, what do you think is the city’s most important issue that needs to be addressed? How would you work to resolve it?

Wabasso has had sanitary sewer issues for several years and we as a council are actively working to remedy that situation. Unfortunately, like most things, it is a lengthy process, but we need to do what is right for our citizens’ health and safety.

Please provide a brief bio of yourself.

As I mentioned above, I am nearing the end of my second term as a Wabasso City Council Member, have lived in Wabasso since 2002 and love it here. I currently work for the Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority (RRRSWA) in Redwood Falls as the Administrative Accountant and Scale Operator. Not only did I serve in the United States Air Force, but have worked in government for 13 years and am well aware of the responsibilities we, as civil servants, have to the public. I try to serve with honor and integrity in all facets of my life and do my best to look out for the well being of our citizens. I have been married for 15 years and have two children.