Backward Glances: Fairfax police chief featured on '60 Minutes' segment about violent anti-police protests

Joshua Dixon
Congressman John Zwach (right) and Republican governor candidate Douglas Head (center) greeted Mrs. Ben Broberg as they passed through Redwood Falls on a campaign stop, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the Oct. 15, 1970 edition of the Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

October 1970

• Among the subjects on the tentative list of possible courses at the next Redwood Falls adult education season were slimnastics, aviation ground school and blueprint reading. The most popular course from the previous year’s adult education, lingerie sewing, was to be offered again.

• Just in time for National Lunch Week, Reede Gray Elementary School replaced its old brown, flat trays with new yellow and green ones with dividers to keep the food from sloshing together.

• A salesman from Motorola spoke at the Redwood Falls Fire Department about how area communities could create a special ambulance-only radio system for the region.

• Fairfax Police Chief Wesley Smith was featured on the “60 Minutes” news program on a segment about abuse law enforcement was dealing with from violent anti-police protesters, showing it was even a rural problem.

• The city council was told a record 882 camper units, encompassing 3,985 individuals from 30 states and five Canadian provinces, stayed in the Ramsey Park campground during the 1970 camping season.

25 years ago

October 1995

• The library commission considered a $25,000 bid from the law firm of Nelson and VanHon for the old Redwood Falls Public Library building.

• To cut down on fights in school and on the playground, Redwood Valley Middle School brought in a specialist from San Francisco to teach 18 students conflict resolution techniques.

• Richard Tubbs of Redwood Falls headed straight to the meat section and quickly grabbed about $80 worth of cuts after winning the annual 60-second shopping spree at Morgan’s Super Valu grocery store.

• Sara Triplett, Mayor of Redwood Falls, and Dave Sullivan, Mayor of North Redwood, wrote a joint letter urging citizens of both towns to vote to consolidate the two communities into one legal entity (i.e. town).

• In a Gazette column titled “Digital Age will change how we think”, reporter Tad Johnson expressed his fear that in the future people would more and more lose interest in the real world and spend all their time obsessing over what they see on computer and TV screens.

10 years ago

October 2010

• It was a slow day at the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Coop facility on Tuesday. Only 294 semi-trucks stopped by to drop off full loads of beets.

• As part of their service project, RVMS sixth graders raked leaves from the home of a single mom who worked for the school district.