City of Redwood Falls to upgrade Liquor Lodge security system

Troy Krause

In 2002, the Liquor Lodge was constructed in Redwood Falls, and as part of the new municipal liquor store building a security system was installed.

Today that system is no longer supported, so the city moved forward to find a way to put in a new, upgraded system that will meet the current and future needs of the local entity.

A proposal from Alpha Wireless was presented to the city council during its Oct. 6 meeting at a cost of $17,515.36. That request was approved.

The system that will be installed is consistent with the systems that have been installed at the community center, city hall and at the municipal airport.

The standardization of the system will make future updates as well as administration much more efficient.

The money will come from the liquor fund.

In addition to approving the new security system, the city council approved a request to upgrade the audio and video systems at the community center, city hall and the public library.

The total cost of the updates is $223,182.85 based on a bid for the project from iSPACE.

The council also approved disposal of the current systems.