Construction project over Minnesota River experiencing challenges, delays

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette
Despite challenges along the way progress is being made on the CSAH 101 bridge over the Minnesota River.

Construction of the Redwood CSAH 101/Renville CSAH 1 bridge over the Minnesota River, north of Redwood Falls has been challenged by very difficult conditions in constructing the foundations of the bridge.

The bedrock has proven to be very uneven and extremely hard granite.

Completion of the new bridge is anticipated for early winter or more likely Spring 2021.

Uneven bedrock required a change in foundation design for the south abutment.

The extremely hard granite resulted in slow progress in drilling 10 shafts for the two piers through bottom sediment and into several feet of bedrock. 

Even with these challenges, progress continues to be made. The south concrete abutment is complete and north abutment will be poured in the coming days.

The contractor is preparing to pour the concrete in the drilled shafts for the piers.

When completed, the bridge will be a very durable, long lasting structure meeting modern bridge standards.

There is understanding CSAH 101 /CSAH 1 is a well-travelled road and the bridge closure is inconvenient.

The Redwood County Highway Department appreciates the public’s support as the project continues to move forward.

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– Image courtesy of the Redwood County Highway Department