Redwood Falls city council approves needs assessment of public library

Troy Krause
A needs assessment of the Redwood Falls Public Library facility is going to be conducted.

In December 1995, construction of the Redwood Falls Public Library building was completed, and service began in January 1996. What that means is the building is nearly a quarter of a century old.

So, is the current facility meeting the needs of patrons today, or are changes necessary? 

In an effort to answer that question and to help plan for the future, the Redwood Falls city council approved a request from Teri Smith, Redwood Falls Public Library director, to have a needs assessment done.

According to Smith, who presented the proposal to the council during its Oct. 6 meeting, the assessment will include a look at the library building inside and out, including the architectural, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the building grounds.

The assessment will then be used to develop a long-term plan for the library.

Quotes were received for the work, with TSP Architects selected to perform the task at a cost of $5,000 plus expenses.

As this was not a budgeted item, Smith told the council the funding to perform the assessment will come from the local library foundation.

In other action during its meeting, the city council:

• Accepted the donation of an outdoor bench for the story trail at the public library.

• Approved a request to have an electrical system planning study conducted by DGR Engineering at a cost of $32,600. According to Chuck Heins, public utilities superintendent, the last time a study like this was done was in 2007, and since then 95 percent of the suggested upgrades of that study  have been done.

• Approved the purchase of a new squad car for the Redwood Falls Police Department. A 2021 Ford Explorer is being purchased from Weelborg Ford at a cost of $34,575. The vehicle will be ordered now but will be paid for in 2021.