Backward Glances: Former Redwood Falls girl is a fairy tale princess at Disneyland

Joshua Dixon
As part of fire safety week, volunteer firefighter Gary Revier demonstrated mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on "Rescue Annie", the Redwood Falls Fire Department's mannequin, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the Oct. 8, 1970 Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

October 1970

• Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Reisdorph of Morgan became the first licensed daycare providers in Redwood County. The Gazette article had to explain what a licensed daycare was and said the cost was 40 cents per hour per child.

• The Redwood County commissioners approved a plan for a 24-hour, seven-days-per week radio dispatch service, operating out of the sheriff’s office, to connect all law enforcement in the county.

• On Sept. 27, Jimmy Fischer, a fourth grader at St. Anne’s School in Wabasso, let loose three helium balloons that included a plastic bag containing a letter and his address. On Oct. 3, Jimmy received a letter from LeRoy Paule, of Freeburg, Ill., telling how he had found the balloons in a field near St. Louis.

• For the second year in a row, the Franklin high school football team rose in the standings due to a forfeit after the opposing team’s players got caught buying beer.

• The Gazette’s editor admitted he was quite the square because he didn’t know who either Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix were, both of whom had died of drug overdoses the previous week. 

• The Redwood Falls Public Schools’ budget hit a new high, with nearly $1.5 million expected to be spent during the 1970-71 school year.

• By comparison, the City of Redwood Falls budget for 1970 was only $266,120.

• Sleepy Eye native and former Redwood Falls girl Eileen Biegler, then attending Fullerton College in Anaheim, Calif., had been the official Snow White actress at Disneyland for the past seven months.

25 years ago

October 1995

• The City of Redwood Falls accepted a $100,000 grant from a former resident who asked to be known only as “Mystery Man,” to pay for improvements to the city’s parks.

10 years ago

October 2010

• The City of Redwood Falls received a $265,000 grant to build a new bike trail along the ditch between Reede Gray Elementary School and Wood Dale Nursing Home to connect several already existing statewide bike trails.

• The 1970s-era concrete overlook across from Ramsey Falls was demolished to make space for a new, larger, handicapped accessible overlook area.

• The Battle of Wood Lake battleground site was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

• Six years after beginning the quest to build a new animal shelter for Redwood County, the Friends of the Animal Shelter approved blueprints for the new facility.