Redwood County board sees courthouse project bids

Troy Krause
Building a new courthouse also includes demolition of the old one.

Bids for the proposed Redwood County courthouse project were opened Sept. 17, and one week later (Sept. 24) the Redwood County Board of Commissioners saw the result of those bids as presented by Larry Filippi of Contegrity Group, Inc. and John McNamara of Wold Architects.

According to Filippi, after the local project was posted it received a significant amount of views, and there were 139 bids submitted for the 30 packages that make up the project.

Filippi added what made the bid process better was the fact that the bid prices for many of the packages were very tight from one bidder to the next.

The request for bids included a base bid that included a fall start, but an alternate was also included that included a spring start.

The bid tabulation presented to the board with the recommendations for each package came in with a price of $8,039,132.47, and the alternate bid with the spring start included a bid that was just over $28,000 less.

Filippi and McNamara indicated they were recommending if the board accepted the bids that they move forward with the spring start to the construction work. 

With the addition of other categories, such as contingency, fees, furniture, technology and equipment, the total bid presented to the board for a spring start would be $10,567,123.44.

Filippi said he is confident that some of the numbers can come down, adding there were no bids for the elevator. He believes the actual bid for that will be less than budgeted.

The board will consider award of the bids at its Oct. 6 meeting.