Backward Glances: Sick father, son expose Redwood Hospital staff to whooping cough

Joshua Dixon
The Headmobile, a 1931 Model A Ford, was painted in stars and stripes by volunteers to be parked in downtown Redwood Falls Friday evenings and near home football games, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the Sept. 29, 1970 Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

September 1970

• More than 800 people – over twice as many as expected – showed up for the grand opening of the new Lower Sioux Agency Indian Interpretive Center, requiring organizers to have to go through the whole program twice so everyone could see.

• Also, KLGR Radio held an open house for its new, house-like studios next to the tower on the western edge of Redwood Falls.

• When Frank Rohlik, eight, rode his horse to a neighboring farm to sign a cast on the broken wrist of his friend, Carol Macht, 11, the Macht’s dog frightened Rohlik’s horse. The horse reared, Rohlik fell off and broke his own wrist.

• Ten pounds of chemicals that could be used to make explosives were stolen from the RFHS science room storage, and the school promptly canceled the traditional Homecoming bonfire ... just in case.

• Redwood Falls auto dealers all had their showings of the new 1971 model cars that would soon be available for purchase.

25 years ago

September 1995

• After a father and son were admitted to the Redwood Falls Hospital with pertussis (“whooping cough”), 13 nurses were exposed and later diagnosed with the disease.

• The Affiliated Community Medical Center was still undecided about the City of Redwood Falls’ proposal to move the clinic in with the Redwood Falls Hospital. The stumbling block was what to do with the existing clinic facility on the southern edge of town.

• The City of Vesta held a groundbreaking for its new fire hall, while the new Franklin Public Library opened for business.

• Farmfest organizers renegotiated their lease to ensure they could stay at Gilfillan Estates at least through 2000.

10 years ago

September 2010

• For the first time in RVHS history, there was a tie in the Homecoming royalty vote. While Morgan Tholkes was crowned the Cardinal’s Homecoming queen, Jessie Leith and Thomas Rohlik were both presented with Homecoming king crowns.

• A large crowd gathered on East Second Street downtown to watch the first annual Fieldstone Vineyard grape stomping contest to see which team could press the most grape juice with their bare feet.

• When a team of Twin Cities researchers visited Redwood as part of a genealogy project, Mark Cassman had to go out of his way to watch the spring flood waters pass over the swayback bridge in Ramsey Park. “Dad! It still works! It works the way you designed it!” Cassman shouted, jumping for joy beside his car. Cassman’s father, a stone mason, was the bridge’s original designer back in the late 1930s.