Redwood Falls installs rapid flashing beacon at Bridge, Lincoln streets crosswalk

Troy Krause
A rapid flashing beacon has been installed by the city at the crosswalk of Bridge and Lincoln streets in Redwood Falls.

On any given day, more than 10,000 vehicles travel along Bridge Street (Highway 19/71) through Redwood Falls.

Pedestrians regularly cross that street, and keeping them safe led the Redwood Falls city council to make an upgrade to one of the crosswalks – where Bridge and Lincoln streets intersect – with a flashing beacon. 

That Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) was recently installed and is now fully operational.

When drivers are traveling on Bridge Street at that location an LED warning beacon will begin flashing when a pedestrian has activated it to indicate their intent to cross.

Drivers must yield to individuals in the crosswalk.

The idea of adding the flashing beacon at that location was initially addressed by Tom Quackenbush, city mayor, who had heard concerns from residents regarding that crosswalk.

Options were researched, and in the end the flashing beacon was determined to be the best option. The Minnesota Department of Transportation indicated that option would be the most effective.

The state concluded the intersection warranted the additional warning system due to the fact that the intersection is a primary crossing to the downtown area and is a major crossing for people who want to travel to Ramsey Park.

The cost of the project, a total of $18,000, was covered with city funds, and the city is responsible for any continued costs for operation.