Barney's Burger and Brew open in Redwood Falls

Troy Krause
Jessica Barnes and husband, Chad, have opened Barney's in Redwood Falls.

Earlier this year an establishment that has been part of the community for decades (in old North Redwood) re-opened, but with a new name as well as new owners.

Now known as Barney’s and owned by Jessica and Chad Barnes, the restaurant and bar opened in April.

Jessica agreed the opening was not under the most ideal of circumstances, as things started differently than one would anticipate with the start of a new business in a community.

“We started doing to go orders only,” Jessica said, adding COVID-19 regulations limited what they could offer. Yet, in the end, she thinks a slower opening may have been a bit of a blessing for them. 

The gradual opening of restaurants and bars in the state over time during the past few months has allowed Barney’s Burger & Brew staff to slowly adjust.

The location is a longstanding part of the community and has had varied owners.

Jessica may be a familiar face to patrons, as her parents owned and operated the same establishment from 2012-16 when it was known as Murphy’s Landing.

She worked for them, and now the tables have turned. Jessica’s parents are working with her to help as she and Chad learn the ropes of ownership of the local establishment.

For Jessica, working at Barney’s is her full-time job, which is a switch from her most recent employment as the owner of a daycare in the community.

“I did daycare for 20-plus years altogether,” she said, adding she misses the interaction with the kids she had over the years.

Jessica said it is nice to know they have the chance to keep a business open in the community, adding it provides another choice in town for people.

Jessica and Chad have made a few upgrades to the building. They have replaced all of the flooring – both the carpet as well as the linoleum.

“In a few years we would like to add a patio in the back,” said Jessica.

A temporary outdoor patio area was added as part of the state COVID-19 allowances for bars and restaurants. That will continue to be offered until restaurants and bars will be back at full capacity indoors again.

Barney’s Burger & Brew is open at 11 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday, with the grill open from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The menu being offered at this point primarily includes burgers and what Jessica called bar food, adding as time goes on that will likely be expanded.

The name Barney’s is an obvious reference to the family name, and the phrase “let’s go to Barney’s” is likely to become common in town.

“It’s been fun to see people here,” Jessica said, adding there has been a variety of patrons coming through the door.

Those who are interested can keep up with what is happening on the Barney’s Burger & Brew Facebook Page, or they can call during business hours at (507) 616-1264.