Vintage Vinyl Toys and Games LLC opens in Redwood Falls

Troy Krause
Wabasso native, Nathan Rohlik has opened Vintage Vinyl Toys and Games LLC in Redwood Falls.

Nathan Rohlik has always been a bit of an entrepreneur.

Whether it was selling nightcrawlers as a kid or aquarium fish in high school, the Redwood area native and Wabasso High School graduate – Class of 2004 – has found ways to offer a product people want.

Rohlik believes he has done it again with a store he has opened in Redwood Falls. 

Vintage Vinyl Toys and Games LLC, which is located on Second Street (the old Shirts Plus building) in Redwood Falls is open for business, and Rohlik is offering a wide variety of items for sale.

Rohlik said he has always believed he would one day own and operate his own store, and after working in the culinary world for some time he opted to venture out on his own.

While Rohlik is running his own store for the first time, he did not come in without some sales experience. He has an established online presence on Ebay, which he plans to continue in addition to his new storefront.

As the name of the store indicates, Rohlik is offering a selection of records for sale, but he has much more than that available on the shelves.

Patrons can find movies (VHS, DVD and even laserdiscs), books, figurines, gaming cards, trading cards, video games and much more at Vintage Vinyl Toys and Games.

Rohlik said over the years he has collected a lot of items, adding he is often on the road or online looking for more things to add to the store.

According to Rohlik, there is a lot of interest in things from the past.

“Young people are looking for retro items,” said Rohlik, adding that could be anything from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Adults, too, are looking for items from the past, although their interests is more nostalgic.

As he pointed out what he has available, Rohlik said he is kind of like “a museum where you can buy stuff.”

It’s kind of like an entertainment department store, he added.

Yes, he said, people have been coming in to the store, adding he is getting people from all over stopping to take a look.

Rohlik also expressed his appreciation to some people from the community who have provided some advice to him, including those who have operated similar businesses in town.

Rohlik has also found people have a connection with the building itself, and many have shared memories with him about the old music store.

While the downtown is quieter than what Rohlik recalls from his youth, he believes there is a lot of potential, adding he has communicated with others on the street and there have been some discussions about coordinating efforts.

Rohlik also has plans for expansion on the site that would include some opportunities for kids in the community, such as an arcade.

Vintage Vinyl Toys and Games is open Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

For more information, call Rohlik at (507) 627-2889, send an e-mail to or visit the store's Facebook Page.