Minnesota State High School League approves fall training seasons

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Redwood Falls Gazette
Spring sports athletes, who missed an entire season in 2020, will have the chance to participate in a fall training season.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) board of directors has approved the creation of optional fall training seasons for volleyball, football and MSHSL sanctioned spring sports.

These fall training seasons are MSHSL sponsored programs.

All MSHSL member schools have the authority to provide the entire training season, offer a reduced training season or choose not to offer a training season.

What follows is the information for volleyball and football fall training Seasons:

• Start date – Sept. 14

• End date – Oct. 3

• Maximum number of daily sessions per sport – 12

What follows is the spring sport fall training seasons information:

• Start date – Oct. 5

• End date – Oct. 24

• Maximum number of daily sessions per sport – 12

Each sport will have the opportunity to hold an organizational meeting and distribute equipment on a date to be selected prior to the fall training season.

Each sport-specific fall training season provides the opportunity for high-school coaches to connect with student athletes and provide sport-specific training and instruction.

• Students who participate in the fall training seasons must meet all MSHSL and school eligibility requirements for participation.

• Coaches who participate in the fall training seasons must meet MSHSL requirements and must be certified by the school athletic administrator.

At the discretion of school administration, students may participate simultaneously in approved fall sports and fall training seasons.

The following activities or events are not allowed during the fall training seasons:

• Tryouts

• Scrimmages – defined as any sport-specific training, instruction or interaction that involves members of a high-school program with individuals or students who are not members of that high-school program and who are not students at the respective school.

• Jamborees

• Competitions

• Captain’s practices

All MSHSL rules, policies and bylaws are applicable with the following exception: Students may participate in an MSHSL fall training season and also participate on a non-school team in that same sport. (Board Exception to MSHSL Bylaw 208)

Fall training seasons are an approved extension of the MSHSL approved interscholastic season for each sport.

Learn more on the MSHSL Web site at www.mshsl.org/.