Trenton Dammann is new Redwood Falls city attorney

Troy Krause
Trenton Dammann (above) recently began his new role serving as the attorney for the City of Redwood Falls.

Trenton Dammann opted to follow the advice of his political science professor at Southwest Minnesota State University, and that decision led to a career in law.

Yet, the area of focus within the law he ultimately pursued was not the original plan out of high school.

“Initially I wanted to be a police officer,” said Dammann, who is a Jeffers native and Red Rock Central High School graduate. 

Dammann received degrees in justice administration and political science from SMSU with a coaching minor. He then went on to earn his law degree from the College of Law at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb.

The son of teachers, Dammann said he always strived to excel in whatever he was doing, as was evident in high school where he saw academic success finishing third in his class.

It was in college where he found his interest in topics like international policy and political science.

“I enjoy reading (Tom) Clancy books,” he said.

Dammann’s interest in the law was heightened during a unique experience he had with the FBI. He worked as a volunteer with the physical training center, adding that was an experience he really enjoyed because it seemed to fit his skill set.

After earning his law degree Dammann returned to Minnesota, and while he looked for a job he gained employment at a place he knew well – a local lumberyard where he had worked in high school and during his college years.

Ultimately, Dammann got his break when he was hired as the law clerk for the fifth judicial district out of the courthouse in Redwood County. There he worked for Judge Patrick Rohland for three years.

In that role, Dammann performed a variety of tasks from researching legal questions for the judge to preparing for trials and writing memoranda.

Dammann said he enjoyed that work and appreciated the experience he gained.

Yet, serving as a law clerk was not the end goal, so Dammann opted to move on and then joined the Aaron Walton and the Walton Law Group in Olivia where he served in the role of associate attorney.

“I did a lot of municipal stuff,” said Dammann, adding he worked with several different communities in Renville and Sibley counties.

That work, he added, included everything from criminal to civil work.

When the Redwood Falls city attorney resigned, the local city council opted to hire an interim attorney to fill in while it searched for a replacement. That interim role was filled by the Walton Law Group, and it brought Dammann to the local city office.

Dammann was not unfamiliar with Redwood Falls, as he had already lived in the community for several years.

He also applied for the city’s open position and was hired starting his role July 8.

“I really enjoy working in a small town,” said Dammann, adding he has received a lot of support from the city staff as he adjusts to his new role. “For me this was a good move.”

Dammann said he believes it is important for him to be involved in the community he calls home, and he is going to be looking for ways to volunteer his time and to give back.