Backward Glances: Redwood Falls High School graduate featured in New York Times article about male athletes with long hair

Joshua Dixon
Kris Hall jumped 11 feet, 10 inches to place second in the Cubs division of the Redwood Falls Junior Olympics meet held at the Memorial Field football field, as seen in this photo that first appeared in the July 28, 1970 Redwood Gazette.

50 years ago

August 1970

• A Gazette article helpfully pointed out to any flat-Earther doubters out there that the upcoming lunar eclipse would demonstrate that the Earth is, in fact, round.

• Redwood Falls High School superintendent Thomas Lykins confirmed the newly remodeled science department would not be ready for the start of school, but the school was fully staffed except for hiring a new head cook.

• Redwood Falls High School graduate Tom Tiffany, then a coxswain for the Harvard University rowing team, was pictured in a New York Times article devoted to student athletes with long hair and how coaches feel about that.

• A Gazette editor wondered who The Joneses were, and why everyone was working so hard to keep up with them anyway.

• University of Minnesota foreign exchange students from nine different nations spent a weekend at the Lower Sioux Agency near Morton.

• A specially-engaged undercover officer working with the Gaylord Police Department reported 45-50 Gaylord area teens were using marijuana and other drugs.

• Lyon County health officer Dr. Patrick Bosley suggested the Redwood River be dammed at Marshall for a year, so the river bed could dry out and be checked for pollution.

• The high temperature for July 1970 was 95 degrees on July 1, with the lowest high temperature being four days later, at 49 degrees.

25 years ago

August 1995

• Negotiations between the hospital board, the clinic board and the Redwood Falls City Council were getting closer toward a move of the ACMC clinic into the Redwood Falls Hospital building.

• The Redwood Area Theatre’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof” was in full swing.

10 years ago

August 2010

• Seven area ministers participated in an all-pastor fundraising race at the Redwood Speedway before the start of Sunday’s races.

• St. John Lutheran School put the finishing touches on its new facility on the southern side of Redwood Falls in anticipation of school starting in a few days.

• The Redwood County Sheriff’s Department started Project Lifesaver, a new series of protocols for finding people with disorders that might lead them to wander off on their own and get lost.

• Fewer than 13 percent of Redwood County voters bothered to vote in the primary election.

• The new cast iron gazebo was installed in the small park in downtown Redwood Falls.