RASD superintendent, Becky Cselovszki, settling into newest education role

Troy Krause
Redwood Falls Gazette

When Becky Cselovszki graduated from Fairmont High School, she had a plan in place that involved the field of education. However, she admitted that plan did not include what she is doing today.

The new Redwood Area School District superintendent, who officially stepped into that role July 1, went to South Dakota State University in Brookings, S.D. where she earned a degree in French education.

At the time of graduation from college Cselovszki’s options in the classroom were limited, but she ultimately found a job.

“My first job was in Enid, Okla.,” she said.

Cselovszki served in that role for one year, while her husband continued pursuit of his college degree. 

Cselovszki’s husband graduated and got a job in Caledonia, and so she returned to Minnesota.

Cselovszki got a different type of job as an administrative assistant working with attendance and discipline and interacting in that role with students and families.

What Cselovszki discovered is she enjoyed that type of work. So, she returned to school focusing on the administrative side of education earning a graduate degree from St. Cloud State University.

Her first role was as an assistant principal in Hibbing, adding she had a very positive experience in that setting.

From there Cselovszki took a position as the K-12 principal for the Butter-field-Odin school district. She served in that role for three years before being offered her first role as a superintendent at Southwest Star Concept (Heron Lake-Okabena).

“I served in that role for 10 years,” she said.

The following decade was spent as the superintendent for the St. James School District.

Altogether, Cselovszki brings 25 years of education experience to her role in Redwood Falls.

Cselovszki said she was looking for a different type of opportunity, which led to her decision to apply for the role as superintendent in the Redwood Area School District.

As an administrator, Cselovszki said she does not have one specific leadership style, adding how she leads depends on the situation and the people she is working with at the time.

Cselovszki said she considers herself to be very flexible, adding she is a good communicator, which, she added, she considers to be a very important part of the role of superintendent.

Cselovszki said she feels fortunate to have been hired early in the year, as it gave her time prior to the official start to get to know the people in the district and to work with former school superintendent Rick Ellingworth. Cselovszki said the community has been very welcoming of her.

Cselovszki said she has hit the ground running, as she settles in to a new office and does her best to get to know the people she will be working with at the school.

Cselovszki added she is looking forward to the day when she gets to meet the students and to have the school open again – whenever that is.

Until that day, she continues to work with the rest of the staff to prepare for the upcoming school year in whatever form that takes in terms of educating the students in the district.

“I am looking forward to having the kids back in some format,” she said.

Cselovszki and her husband, John, who serves as the superintendent of the Sleepy Eye Public School District, have three daughters – one who is an occupational therapist, one who is a social worker and one who is a student in college pursuing a degree in animal science.

The Cselovszkis have found a home in Redwood Falls on a rural piece of property where they also raise horses and Goberian dogs (a cross between Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers).

Cselovszki said she is happy to be in Redwood Falls and is looking forward to meeting more of the community in her new role.