Lamberton native, Cathy Hoffbeck, serving area Methodist churches

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Redwood Falls Gazette
As of July 1, Cathy Hoffbeck (above) is serving as the pastor for the Lamberton Methodist and Jeffers United Methodist congregations.

Cathy (Tetrick) Hoffbeck grew up in the Lamberton area, and, according to Hoffbeck, she was “born, raised, baptized and confirmed in the Lamberton United Methodist Church.”

Now she is taking on a different role at her home church – the pastor.

As of July 1, Hoffbeck is serving as the pastor at Lamberton United Methodist and Jeffers United Methodist churches.

The leadership role is not Hoffbeck’s first in the church, as she spent approximately 15 years serving as a lay leader at the church – until 2014.

“I have led the youth or helped lead the youth group (UMYF) United Methodist Youth Fellowship for the past 20 years,” she added.

Hoffbeck said her first Sunday as pastor at Lamberton was June 28, but her role as pastor for both congregations did not officially start until July.

Hoffbeck indicated she actually started the process to become a local licensed pastor in 2013, but some circumstances arose and she withdrew at that time from the process.

It was in April when Hoffbeck received a call from Fred Vandewewrf, district superintendent, asking if she would consider becoming the pastor of the Lamberton church.

After a short conversation with her husband, Dennis, and again with the district superintendent they looked at a few different options and they came to the conclusion that a two-point parish, including the churches in Lamberton and Jeffers, would be the best fit.

“I knew this had to be a God thing, as I had no thought of the pastor role for the past six or seven years,” Hoffbeck added.

Hoffbeck indicated the process has been fast. She completed licensing school in June as well as the necessary paperwork, interviews and psychological exams to be appointed to the parishes.

Hoffbeck has an AAS degree from the University of Minnesota at Waseca in food products and inspection and a BS degree from South Dakota State University in agricultural extension and education.

“I completed my local licensed pastor degree in June and will continue my theological study in course of study class for the next 10 years,” she added.

Hoffbeck has taken a number of strength finders or gift inventories, and shepherding and evangelism are her strengths.

“I love to tend to my congregations (sheep),” she added. “We are a church family, and it takes a whole flock of sheep to keep a church together and bring glory to God.”

Hoffbeck is serving as a three-quarter time pastor for the two churches and will work for her husband at DM Hoffbeck accounting firm when needed.

According to Hoffbeck, working in small churches means serving in pretty much every role.

“I do have great leadership teams in both churches that are making the transition run very smooth,” she explained. “It is hard with the COVID times to visit shut ins and reach out to people, but with technology we are able to reach many people with online worship services.”

Hoffbeck enjoys visiting people, doing Bible studies, meeting all of her new sheep, spreading the Good News and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Her hobbies and interests include her herd of purebred Shorthorn cattle and trying to keep the farm running smoothly.

“I love to help my nephews and niece with their livestock and showing in 4-H, FFA and open shows throughout the year. The cattle take up most of my free time, but they are just so loveable so I truly enjoy every minute,” Hoffbeck explained.

Hoffbeck knows she is very much at home in these two churches and loves every minute of ministry with the church families.

“I am one blessed pastor,” she added.