Redwood Falls blood drive results in collection of 225 units

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette
A fairly typical number of donors appeared at this month's Redwood Falls blood drive which was held at the Redwood Area Community Center, but mask wearing and social distancing were strictly enforced.

Again, it wasn’t a typical blood drive in Redwood Falls this summer, but COVID-19 concerns didn’t affect the number of donors who showed up to the Redwood Area Community Center this past Monday and Tuesday (July 6-7).

Donors did have to jump through a few more hoops than usual, wearing face masks and doing all the typical social distancing rules.

One big difference this month from a typical blood drive is all donors’ blood will be tested by the Red Cross for COVID-19 antibodies, with the results becoming available within a few days.

The test shows whether or not donors have had COVID-19 in the past six months.

The Red Cross has tested more than 100,000 donors to date, and only about 2 percent of them have tested positive.

When the two-day results were counted, the Red Cross went away with 225 units of blood, just a dozen short of the goal.

One Red Cross technicians said with hospitals resuming surgeries, the need for blood has gone up considerably in Minnesota in just the past couple weeks, and every unit is appreciated.

• Goal - 237 units

• Scheduled donors - 230

• No shows - 25

• Deferrals - 20

• Incomplete units - 3

• Units collected - 225


• First Time Donors- Addie O’Neil, Jim Guggisberg, Megan Pratt, Christine Gewerth, Jason Serbus, Kate Foy, Dennis Ingle, Karen Ingle, Sandra Wacek

• One gallon - Kimberly Seebeck, Rita Curry, Mitchell Lothert, Megan Lutz, Heidi van der Hagen, Pamela Hopkins

• Three gallon - Jon Anderson

• Four gallon - Gary Abrahamson, William Broberg

• Five gallon - Steve Medrud

• Six gallon - Alvin Hillmer

• Seven gallon - John Hultquist, Jan Raddatz

• Nine gallon - Sandra Davis, Sandi Reck, Kristin Meyers

• 11 Gallon - Judith Kodet

• 13 Gallon - James Kuphal

• 16 Gallon - Scott Hyland, Richard Gewerth