DPS-DVS sends verification letters to public waiting on registration tabs

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Redwood Falls Gazette
Redwood Falls Gazette

Minnesotans who mailed in their registration renewal, have not received their tabs due to processing delays and contacted the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) about the issue will receive a verification letter via e-mail to use as proof of registration renewal until their tabs arrive.

DPS-DVS also notified law enforcement that some Minnesotans will not receive their registration stickers before they are required to display the tabs on their license plates.

Minnesota law requires Minnesotans to renew vehicle registration by the last day of the expiration month and display the new tabs by the 10th day of the month following the expiration month.

“We know this delay has caused anxiety for some, and we hope that this letter and law enforcement notification will ease the worries of those affected,” said Emma Corrie, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services director. “Processing these renewals and getting tabs to customers is a priority, and we’ve dedicated additional staff to process these as quickly as possible. In the meantime, this letter will provide peace of mind to many who are worried about driving without their updated tabs.”

DPS-DVS is experiencing processing delays for some vehicle registration renewals that were submitted by mail in recent weeks. When a mailed-in renewal includes payment for the wrong amount, requires an address change or is missing information, the renewal requires additional processing.

During the stay-at-home order, DVS staff was unable to process these particular renewals, because staff was telecommuting and did not have access to the documents. There are approximately 7,700 mailed-in registration renewals dating back to May 11 that require additional processing.

DPS-DVS is sending e-mails with the verification letter attached to Minnesotans who mailed in their registration renewals and reported that they have not received their tabs.

Anyone who mailed in their registration renewal more than two weeks ago and has not received their tabs should contact DPS-DVS.

Learn more online at www.dps.mn.gov.

- Image courtesy of the DPS Web site