Backward Glances: Youth Corps boys find 400 pounds of litter per Redwood County mile

Joshua Dixon
Kids spent their summer at the official Morton swimming pool, which was a spring-fed natural watering hole, in this photo that first appeared in the June 25, 1970 edition of the Redwood Gazette. Morton High School student Ann Gallery gave swimming and life-saving lessons there between her junior and senior years.

50 years ago

June 1970

• Three Neighborhood Youth Corps boys cleaning the ditches beside area highways found an average of 400 pounds of litter per mile in Redwood County.

• The Caldwell Packing Company of Windom put a classified ad in the Gazette, asking for “ambitious young men, prefer no draft obligation.”

• Thieves kicked in the door of the concession stand at the 71 Drive-In Theatre and stole $150 worth of fireworks the managers planned to set off after the Fourth of July movie.

• In possibly related news, Redwood Falls Police Chief Mike Young reminded the public that setting off fireworks without a permit could get people up to 90 days in jail and a $300 fine.

• Redwood Falls firefighters were called to a gravel pit filled with burning corn cobs just off of DeKalb Street. Firefighters decided it was less trouble to just let the cobs burn.

• Redwood Falls High School Class of 1964 graduate Larry Mayer was home on leave after suffering shrapnel wounds in his leg and arm from a North Vietnamese explosive device that was detonated near him.

• Tiger, a cat owned by Ann, Mike and Pat Pryor, won the cat show held as part of the Redwood Falls summer recreation program’s “Animals on Parade” activity held at Memorial Field.

• The county auditor, treasurer and assessor all moved into new offices in the Redwood County Courthouse addition.

• Richard Anderson, the youngest member of the Redwood Falls City Council, was voted the person who got to climb up the water tower three times in the summer heat to inspect how the tower repairs were going.

25 years ago

June 1995

• The Presbyterian Church in Redwood Falls held its first-ever ordination ceremony when Redwood Falls High School Class of 1982 graduate Scott Prouty became Rev. Scott Prouty.

10 years ago

June 2010

• A crew hired by Tatanka Arts began setting up the gazebo in the new city park at the corner of East Second and South Washington streets in Redwood Falls.

• Dave Sams and Jack Nelson, both in wheelchairs, went around to local businesses to see how handicapped accessible they were as part of an Americans with Disabilities Act-related study.

• Twenty-four members of the 135th Tank Company of the 47th Division of the Minnesota National Guard held their 59th reunion at the Redwood Falls American Legion.