Old School: Happy Grandpa's Day

Troy Krause
Redwood Falls Gazette

Before you stop to take a look at the calendar, today is not really Grandpa’s Day.

Yet, if you are among those of us who proudly carry that title, you know every day when your grandchild(ren) are in your presence truly is worth celebrating.

For me, Grandpa’s Day (or Papa’s/Grumpa’s Day) is celebrated June 14, which is the day when the best grandchild was born.

No, I am not talking about Donald Trump.

One year ago June 14 my first grandchild, Harvey Sander Elgard, entered this world.

This past Sunday we celebrated Grandpa’s Day, although most everyone else kept referring to it as Harvey’s birthday.

I don’t get it, either.

While it has been more than a year since I have been known by this new name, I will admit I am still learning about what it really means to be a grandpa.

First of all, for two decades when a baby was crying there were actually times when I could not just pass off the one making all of the noise to someone else.

Now when the waterworks start, I can just hand this next generation of the family off to others. (I don’t even have to feel guilty when I say things like “I think someone needs their diaper changed.)

Secondly, I have discovered that at the end of the day grandchildren don’t come home with me – at least not yet.

I will admit my grandson and I have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. Each time I have tried to take him from his mama or one of his uncles or aunts he starts to cry.

I have been told that the reason he does this is because I have a beard.

I think the real reason is early on in our relationship he found a little bit of something in that beard that may have looked a little appetizing, but, because others were not very considerate, he was not able to get to it.

Now, when he sees his papa’s awesome beard he recalls with sadness that missed opportunity.

Yeah, Harvey, I get that.

Another discovery is that there are a lot of others who are competing for the attention of this youngest in the family. For now, I have allowed others the chance to hang out with him, but that may all change when Harvey starts to talk and they learn that Papa Krause really is his favorite.

I am not sure what to get myself for Grandpa’s Day this year.

I think just having the chance to see that smiling face through the filter of a camera lens – something he will see a lot in the future – is enough of a gift.

What I know is I am looking forward to many more Grandpa’s Days on the calendar in the future.

Maybe every day will be Grandpa’s Day.