Moving forward with summer 4-H

Stacy Johnson
Redwood Falls Gazette

Although many parts of typical summer feel different this year, 4-H is open and proud to offer a variety of learning experiences for youth to explore.

This year 4-H in multiple counties have teamed up to create many different opportunities for youth in our communities.

Volunteers are working to help develop programming as well.

In Redwood County 4-H, look for virtual horse ride-outs where local experts, a veterinarian, a horse chiropractor and 4-H volunteers are working together to work with our 4-H youth to expand and enhance our horse project area for youth to participate in this summer.

A local art teacher is volunteering her time to bring a newly designed art workshop to our youth.

Look for other opportunities to participate in as a 4-Her or family.

You can participate in a rock scavenger hunt in multiple counties, 4-H youth are creating videos to highlight 4-H project areas and, coming soon, is a Grill Masters Challenge – an online independent learning series in current development where 4-H youth, 4-H staff and 4-H alumni are creating a video series open to all youth and families to participate in.

Youth in Redwood County have been working on their projects – some for longer than a year.

We are moving forward, in partnership with the Redwood County fair board and many Redwood County 4-H volunteers, working to bring 4-H showcase events to our 4-H youth this summer, including an alternative option for our annual ribbon auction. This is a huge undertaking, and we are grateful to all who support our 4-H programs.

The 4-H program is also offering several statewide opportunities where youth can connect with each other, build new skills and have some fun along the way.

Whether it’s photography, cooking, performing arts, pollinators, civic engagement or another topic your child is interested in, 4-H has something great to offer.

Find the latest on the Web site 4-H at Home. No matter what the summer holds, 4-H is here to discover and encourage the sparks within our youth.

Anyone interested in joining in on our summer 4-H program should contact Redwood County 4-H at (507) 637-4025, or e-mail me at

Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date on 4-H fun coming soon.

– Stacy Johnson is the local Extension educator for the Redwood County 4-H program.