RVHS Class of 2020 graduation speeches: The future

Abby Gilk
Trinity Milne and Lacey Schmidt
Lacey Schmidt (left), Trinity Milne and Abby Gilk encouraged and challenged their fellow graduates in a speech about the future.

Hello everyone and congratulations to the graduating Class of 2020.

We have taken a look into the past where we got to reminisce about all of our moments together.

We took a look at the present and the past and how that has prepared us for this moment.

Now we will take a look into the future and what that holds for us.

The future is uncertain and unpredictable.

Today is the beginning of our future. You are now in control.

Whether you are going to college or straight into the workforce, we all will be going on our own paths.

Up until now, everything was planned out for us by our parents, where we would go to school, what we would be eating for supper and many more things.

Now we make the decisions.

Our future is now in our hands, which may seem scary, but we aren’t alone, we still have our friends and family that will help guide us through those times of uncertainty.

Even though we are leaving high school, we will always have the support of the teachers that have helped us along the way.

We all will face different challenges and obstacles as we go on. Remember that you will make mistakes, we all will make mistakes.

It will be hard to know which choice is the right one. At some point we will all fall and make wrong decisions, but as long as you get up and keep going, everything will be okay.

Have faith in yourself to make the right decision. If we keep faith in ourselves, then we can achieve great things.

Do not be scared of the future, instead embrace it and know that you, and all of us, are capable of anything we set our minds to.