RVHS Class of 2020 graduation speeches: The past

Alexa Steffl and Kate Hawton
Kate Hawton and Alexa Steffl spoke about the past as part of the Class of 2020 graduation ceremony.

The journey of the Class of 2020 began on our first day of preschool. The hardest thing a kid has to do at this age is let go of our parent’s leg as they try walking out of the door.

We didn’t know it at the time, but while eating ants on a log and having beach days in our little plastic pools, we would start to form a bond with these people around us.

Kindergarten came around, and that’s when nap time was a priority above all else. Learning the ABCs was also an exciting time, because you never knew what kind of food would be brought the next day.

Elementary school brought the silly band black market where everyone traded for the best. It also brought the most prestigious competition around, Arts and Academics, where Aubrey Bidinger played a video showing all her cats and names for every single one.

Many of us would collect Pokemon cards, but not actually know how to play them. We would search our houses for quarters and line up early in the morning at Mr. Junker’s Cardinal store to get the coolest erasers, pens or toys.

It was always one of the best days of the year when we got to ride around on the scooters through the heart obstacle course or when we got to pet all the different animals at baby animal day.

Fourth grade was our biggest year yet – the year where some of us got the opportunity to work the Cardinal store or some of us swallowed marbles... Kaleb. School patrol was one of the biggest commitments a fourth grader could make. The flag chant will forever be etched into our brains.

This was also the year that Alexa Steffl pulled the fire alarm during lunch and left the entire lunch room in chaos.

At the very end of this year, we celebrated our final days in that school by walking through the hallways one last time.

We were welcomed into middle school by our WEB leaders and Mr. Lundeen screaming “let’s get fired up” in the hallways.

In fifth grade we showed our creativity in our poetry books in Mrs. Homan’s and science experiments in Mrs. Goche’s class. We also remember the time Kate Hawton ripped Mr. Ourada’s phone off the wall and proceeded to answer it still.

In sixth grade, we got to hold a real human brain in our hands and compare it to a mouse brain that was dropped on the floor by either Jenna Whitmore or Kenzie Lydick, but neither will admit it to this day.

We explored rural Minnesota by visiting farms around us on our field trip. This was also the year that Jacob Deinken was most known for sucking on a red pen and having it explode into his mouth, making his teeth, face, and white shirt turn red.

Seventh grade was a big leap for us. Many of us got to participate in numerous sports.

This was also the year we could finally go to middle school dances, where we realized how uncoordinated we were at dancing until the “Cupid Shuffle” came on and we all came together for that song.

We ended our middle school career going to Valley Fair for our eighth grade field trip and also having eighth grade graduation, with the speakers breaking during our dance, leaving us with no music.

We spent all of eighth grade thinking we were too mature for middle school, but soon came to realize that we were actually still just annoying children when we got to high school.

On our first day of freshman year, we were scared and lost, and weren’t prepared for the incoming loads of work we were about to receive.

We started competing for the varsity level, if we weren’t already there and started our journeys that would eventually lead us to state for multiple sports.

During our sophomore year, many of us got our licenses, giving us freedom and making others scared for their safety.

At the talent show of this year, Julian and Mr. Berner had the most epic rap battle in Redwood Valley history.

Junior year came around, where many of us struggled with Algebra 2, college pre-calc, or sitting for three hours taking the ACT. 

It was also the first year that we could go to prom without having to be asked by an upperclassmen, watching few of our classmates get hypnotized.

Before we knew it, it was our senior year.

Everyone had mixed feelings because you either couldn’t wait to graduate or not yet ready to leave or both.

We spent our last homecoming dressing up on dress up days, winning powder puff football against the juniors, took a win against Pipestone in the Friday night football game and ended the week with a dance.

It was always hard to finish the last game/match in sports that we were a part of since junior high.

Little did we know that March 17 would be our last day walking the halls of our school.

We finished our senior year talking to teachers on video chat and getting all of our homework turned in to graduate.

This may have not been the way we wanted to end our senior year, but here we are making history.

As Mrs. Hegg would say: “Life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”

Our journey at Redwood Valley is coming to an end, but wherever our paths take us, we will always have these memories to carry with us.

We are Redwood Valley’s Class of 2020.